December 21, 2018

Parasite & Candida Cleanse

Note: I am not a doctor or medical professional. If you suspect that you are being affected by parasites, candida, or any health related issues, please consult with your doctor or specalist.

In September, I made the decision to do a parasite & candida cleanse as a reset for my body. I recently moved to Georgia and adjusting to a new environment has been exciting yet challenging. I noticed a difference in my body since moving. Although I have been eating clean there have definitely been moments of indulging in sugary snacks in moments of stress or overwhelm. Sugar is my weakness and it’s a daily practice to be mindful of it. I was I am learning that how I take care of myself during periods of change and transformation is essential to feeling good too.

I bought my herbal capsules from Healthyself360, a company that I’ve been following on Twitter for a couple of years now. All of her products are made with high quality herb, Non-GMO and free of any animal ingredients. I ended up going with the 13 Parasite cleanse option. If you are a person that is not fond of capsules, there is also powder form. I knew that during the week I would be on the go so the capsule worked best for me.

So about the cleanse…

Parasites are tiny, microscopic organisms, which must live on or in another living being in order to survive. If they enter the body, a person’s health can be affected through infections and illnesses. Some parasites enter the body through the mouth after a person is exposed to drinking and eating contaminated water and/or food. Others live on the skin and the hair of its host.  Parasites can live in the intestines, bloodstream and liver of a person’s body further causing digestive issues and other sicknesses. In January, I spent a month in Africa and while there ended up catching a stomach bug that left me sick for a couple of days. After reading that traveling aboard can heighten the risk of being exposed to certain parasites, I thought this cleanse would definitely benefit me in some way. Also, eating raw, uncooked seafood and meats can also heighten the risk of being exposed to one. Infections arise because parasites cannot die on their own. Doing a cleanse assists the body in detoxifying and ridding it of any parasitic infections.

Candida on the other hand is a natural occurring fungus that lives in and on the human body. It is typically found in small amounts in the mouth, intestines and skin. Candida is not problematic when at normal levels; however, if the bacterial levels become unbalanced or the immune system is comprised then Candida can begin to overproduce causing an array of health problems. A few elements that can lead to an overproduction of candida are taking antibiotics, high alcohol intake, eating a diet high in processed sugar and refined cards, high stress levels, weakened immune system, etc. Wellness Mama has an amazing post that goes in depth about both parasites and candida, highly recommend

I took the capsules three times a day in between meals. Diet is key in order to reap the full benefits. I could NOT consume any meat, dairy, eggs, seafood, processed sugar, honey, agave, fruits high in sugar, and refined carbs. Healthyself360 has a food guide that lists the foods to avoid and those you can eat. She also offers great recipe ideas to help you plan ahead. I paired that list with the one from Lets Be Vegan and they both were very helpful.

A couple days before my start date, I came up with a few meals that I would rotate around for the first couple of days. I ate lots of stir-fry vegetables with quinoa, leafy greens, salads, smoothies, and toward the end ate lentil pasta Making smoothies was challenging since I could not indulge in bananas. It forced me to get creative and use other fruits like pineapples and papaya, which I learned contain powerful enzymes that aid in parasite elimination.

  • Day 1-2: These days were pretty straightforward. I had meals prepared based on the food lists to keep me on track. I mostly ate a mix of salads, beans (mainly chickpeas), quinoa, stir-fry vegetables, and smoothies for breakfast. I didn’t notice any immediate differences in my body.
  • Day 3- 6: The in-between days had to be my hardest. Sugar cravings became intense.  Cleansing is also spiritual because as your body is getting rid of toxins so is your energy fields. As a self-proclaimed sugar addict having to eliminate it completely showed me how much I rely on it to soothe certain emotional discomforts.
  • Day 6-7: The sugar cravings were still persistent, however, I stuck to the food guide. I made lentil or chickpeas pasta as comfort food to curb the other temptations. Water is key to flush everything out. Overall, I felt great.
  • Day 8-10: On the last three days, I experienced what is called “die-off” symptoms. The symptoms mimic the flu, my body ached, and I was just plain out of it. Die off is the discomfort that the body’s experiences when attempting to remove the yeast and parasite from the body. I learned that depending on the potency of the herbs and how quickly a person wants to treat the symptoms, the higher the chance of experiencing this reaction.

I spent most of that time nursing myself back to health drinking lots of water and ginger tea to continue flushing my system out. I also added a cap full of apple cider vinegar to my water and drink first thing in the morning to stimulate my digestive system. I mostly ate lentil soup and salads those last few days – kept it simple.

Overall, I am proud that I got through the 10 days and did something beneficial for my body. I felt more energized and less bloated at the end of it all. I plan to do this cleanse again and based on this first experience will go about it a little different. Next time, I’ll make sure to take supplements to regenerate my body while it is cleansing. I’ll also do more movement whether it’s yoga, working out, or some physical activity to sweat and assist my body in removing the toxins.

If you have done a cleanse or detox, I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments. What did you discover about your health? Would you do it again?

With Love,


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