All I Want For My Birthday!

This past weekend, I celebrated the BIG 2-5. Outside of finding the “right” dress, my other biggest stress was my hair.  I made the decision that I would not be straightening it, yet I had no hairstyle in mind . On the week of my birthday, I came up with doing something “big and bold.” I wanted my hair to stand out. 
This idea was influenced by India of MyNaturalSistas. I pretty much stalk their Instagram and Youtube channels for daily inspiration. India and her two younger sisters have beautiful hairstyles while catering to their individual hair textures. I am drawn to India because I feel we share similar curl textures. In addition, I love her tutorials on her infamous blowouts. Another Youtuber that influenced me goes by the name of AfricanExport. After spending what it felt like hours on both of their channels, I was determined to do my own version of a blowout hairstyle. 

I gathered a few of my staple products and went to work! Before blowing out my hair, I applied Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Heat Protectant. It is important to apply a protectant to avoid any kind of heat damage.  Once my hair was completely stretched out, I used Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls as a moisturizer for my two strand chunky twists.  Lastly, I sealed my ends with Jamaican Black Castor oil. In order to add extra curl to my ends, I used my medium size hair rod curlers. 

In the end, I was pleased with my results.  The first night, my blowout twists frizzed/puffed up after a night of dancing with friends. In my opinion, the bigger the hair…the better! For the actual night of my birthday, I decided to re-twist my already blown out hair and Bantu knot the ends for a different look. Overall, my birthday weekend was filled with positive energy and I truly enjoyed myself.  Below are a few pictures I wanted to share of my results and birthday! 

Hope you all enjoy  ❤

Full Blowout
Moisturizer applied and Curl Rods for the ends
1st day results!


Birthday hair results!